Prisma Review

Have you heard about the latest camera app everyone is talking about? Thanks to a friend’s constant use of this app and showcasing his artwork on Twitter, I too have become a huge fan of Prisma, the wildly popular iOS which is now also available for Andriod too. It’s the hottest app this season and if you love being creative but don’t have the time to do it yourself, this app gives you all the filters you need to become the artiste you always wanted to be.

The app transforms your photos into artwork using the styles of famous artists including Picasso and more. It is ‘a unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps you turn memorable moments into timeless art.’ It’s definitely the hottest app of the season and now being accessible on Android, no doubt everyone will be playing around with this summer. Already I’ve seen a number of people using the filters and sharing them on their social media platforms from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s great if you have a passion for photography or if you’re keen to explore and want to create something a little different with your photo’s, which I’ve been doing a lot recently whilst trying to keep myself entertained.


It’s simple to use, so even if you’re not super arty but know how to work your camera, you could do it with your eyes closed, although I’d recommend you don’t do that so you don’t share something you wouldn’t want to (just saying). Once the app is launched, users can either click a picture with their phone’s camera, or selecting an existing picture that’s saved on your smartphone. The picture is them cropped, unfortunately you can’t maximize or minimize your images in the app, so try and do that in your camera roll, as your picture will immediately be cropped with a 1:1 aspect ratio and users can only apple one of the many artistic filters to the image.

Advantages of the app:

  • Discover your inner artist
  • There are up to 30 filters available
  • You can share on Facebook and Instagram
  • You can actually download and save your preferred filtered image to your camera roll
  • There’s a rumour Prisma might be adding video to the mix – oooh could you imagine
  • You can turn off the watermark so each image saved won’t have the Prisma tag at the bottom right of each

Few things that may irritate some users:

  • Applying a filter can take a while to load, but the results are worth the wait if you can be patient
  • When a large number of users are using the app, accessing it may be a problem, so waiting to access it can last from 5 minutes to up to an hour!
  • Some key features are missing, it is easier to pick a photo from your camera roll and add the filter to that


It’s a great little app and perfect to waste time on if you want to show your creative side.  If you’re not 100% keen on showing off photo’s of you and your bump online you can add a filter to add a bit of edge to your photography skills.
Let us know what you think of the app if you’ve tried it out yourself or if you’ve used a better filtering app. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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