Moving from home, to my new home….


I’ve recently moved to Ramsgate. Me, Danielle, the one who lives and breathes London has upped it and moved from the city life, OK, who am I kidding, ‘town life’ that was Isleworth in SW London to the Kent coastline that is Ramsgate.

I must be mad. Well a little, we knew that already, but for me, that’s a pretty big step, seeing as all my friends and family live in Isleworth and here I am upping it to move to the seaside. A town that’s quiet,  or I should say quieter to what I’m used to.

We moved down here after hearing my news that I was pregnant. My boyfriend is from here, this is his hometown, he owns a house here, renting in Isleworth just wasn’t an option. Anyone who is anyone knows that renting or buying in London is pretty much a no no, unless of course you inherited money from a secret uncle abroad, had a part in some reality TV show or you just happened to match all your numbers on the lottery. Living in London is expensive, very expensive, so moving down to Ramsgate was an option we couldn’t deny. Sam works in London and can commute and I’d freelance or find part time work.

We thought it would be easy. Me mostly, how hard could it be to move house? He’s already got everything set up and I’d just slot in somehow. Squish my stuff in somewhere, I’d find a part time job, register with all the relevant GP’s and doctors and I’d make friends in a jiffy. No problemo. How wrong was I.

I planned so much to be organised, that I’d swoop right on in and it would just work out. Yet that didn’t happen. I had ridiculously bad morning sickness for ages and I still had it on the weekend of the move and yet had to somewhere in between getting my first scan out of the way with a full bladder whilst trying not to feel homesick and get my mind ready for what was to come, moved down to Ramsgate. The thing is we plan so much when we move, it’s like we have this make believe scenario planned out in our heads like it’s played out in TV shows but actually, in reality, moving, is a completely different story.


  1. You’ll be completely organised
  2. Chuck out all that crap you’ve been meaning to for weeks
  3. Lots of people will help you 
  4. You’ll have a bag packed of the things you really really need ready for when you really really need it 
  5. All your bills will be sorted by the time you get there, so you don’t have to worry about a thing
  6. Everything you will unpack will have a place, no matter what
  7. It will all be over in a couple of days


You’ll be completely organised


Give over. No you won’t. You may be the most organised person on this planet, but somehow, you’ll miss out on something important and will tear your hair out until you find it, so that will mean unpacking the 14 boxes you’ve just neatly packed to try and find that one item, to only go and find that you hadn’t even packed it in the first place.

Chuck out all that crap you’ve been meaning to for weeks


For some weird reason, 6 weeks after getting here, I still have all the crap I thought I would have sold on eBay by now or given away to charity. Not that I can fit into it anymore with my growing bump but still, why do I still have it? In all honesty, when on earth am I ever, ever going to wear those wedge sandals that I didn’t wear when I bought them, now that I’m down here? But it’s OK, if I just chuck it in the corner of my wardrobe that would be great, because then at least, I won’t have to see it if it’s in the darkest of corners and then I can worry about it when I don’t physically have anymore space when baby arrives.

Lots of people will help you 

That should be ‘Lots of people will offer to help you, but they don’t do it your way so you decline because you can do the job better yourself.’ Ring a bell? Somehow I turned into Monica from Friends, except angrier.


“Where does this go?” or “What should I do with this?” Just put the slipper down and back away from the suitcase. Saying that, one slipper is here and the other stayed in the old house. It really is the worst job in the world so unless you ply any of your friends with enough alcohol to sink a small ship and you chill on the pregnant mood swings, forget having your mates jump at the chance to help you.

You’ll have a bag packed of the things you really really need ready for when you really really need it 


It ends up being your handbag or rucksack. Basically filled with the shit you couldn’t fit into your crap load of moving boxes. Lucky you, you now have a bag full of stuff you really could live without, tampax, pencil sharpeners, loose chewing gum, razors, loose pieces of paper and lots of pens.

All your bills will be sorted by the time you get there, so you don’t have to worry about a thing

Absolutely not. This won’t happen. It didn’t for us. We left it, until the SKY man called for the 20th time and reminded us that our service needed to be updated. The only thing I bothered to do was sort out my right to vote from my new address, forget to do the rest, didn’t think to do it as I didn’t feel very much like an adult and wanted to stretch out feeling like a teenager not being able to move or unpack anything for a few days.


When you finally decide to move all your addresses across, you end up being in a relationship with an automated phone service that plays Vilvadi‘s Four Season’s on repeat for the next 2 hours of your life.You forget that you need to change your address for important things like registering with the local GP, getting a new dentist, living your life etc.

Everything you will unpack will have a place, no matter what


It won’t. I didn’t realise how much crap I had until I laid it all out on the bed. I also didn’t realise how little crap I had once I put it all into it’s place after 3 weeks of moving things around. I’m still finding places to put things 6 weeks on. I’ve had to make a drawer for baby clothes, yet there’s a small place on the floor that’s been nicknamed ‘the valley of mess’ by my bedside that is littered with pillows (being pregnant I need 10 pillows not just 2 like normal people), a teeny space that is currently the new home for the pram, a basket in the corner of all the clothes I washed this week that is yet to go into its place and 8 boxes of my boyfriend’s brother’s football stuff that has yet to be collected, that I somehow have a feeling will be there till the end of summer.

It will all be over in a couple of days


It won’t. As much as you want to believe it, it won’t be over in a couple of days. Forget that feeling of feeling lighter on your feet, you’ll still be bumping into crap for weeks to come. It may all seem clearer now, you’ve got your floor space back, the boxes have been packed away but in actual reality, you’ve moved it to a different side of the room, or cupboard, or space under the stairs. But soon, soon, hopefully before the baby comes (we have 5 months) all this will be a distant memory and we’ll laugh and laugh and look forward to the next thing.

But in the end, it will be fine. One day you’ll look back at this and laugh.




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